[CONTEST] Auxy Winter Tournament 2K19!


@Vveerrgg whichever one of us wins has got a challenge ahead of them, good luck @Matik @Foxlike either of you could face me or Vveerrgg


Who’s judging this tournament? Last time there were two judges, making it out of 80 points but it looks like there’s 4 this time, shouldn’t it be out of 160 points?


i think i’m judging but math is above my pay grade(none) so i let someone else do it


So is it your score plus @DHO’s?




That doesn’t add up


I add all four of the scores and divide by four. (We can each give up to 20 points.)


I made it boys, and with the same score as @MR_ANDERSON

gg @Vveerrgg you were a wonderful sport and a great competitor


GG @Eswyn, great entry btw

On to round :v::smile:


This anticipation is killing me image


Haha oops I sent the wrong link to my winter track! It’s actually this one here:
Legit track

This is a joke! Please don’t take it seriously


Congrats @Insolidarity… and may the odds forever be in your favour. :grinning: it’s been a lot of fun competing.

Amazing stuff from everyone who’s tracks I got to check out. I’m not envious of the judging panel and their work ahead in this competition.


Haha was my entry really that bad? :neutral_face::joy:

Congrats @bedlegs! :wink:


Did anyone actually announce that the results were out?
And can someone post a fresh link lol its harder on phone


image did that work?
Gg anyway we can collab if you want to


Thank you! And for you just continue to see how you can improve. If you really liked your song, try to work on it more. Extend it beyond 1 minute and see what you can create out of it.


@surf Oh boi!! We’re in the vs


I’m sorry. I’m so so sorry. Good luck against him


I’m screwed
Also gg @Matik @Foxlike that was a close one