[CONTEST] Auxy Winter Tournament 2K19!


Hi, everybody! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: DHO back in the house and just in time for another Auxy Tournament! This time with several co-hosts, including @Andrew_Adams, @Produk, and @BobTheGUYYYYY.

Sign ups are now closed.

How it Works

So, as stated in the previous tournament: Players 1-4 are in the tournament. Player 1 ends up against Player 2, and 3 against 4. If Player 1 beats 2, and Player 4 beats 3, then the two winners (1 and 4) will compete.

In this instance, however, there are 32 players.


You will be judged out of ten points in the following categories:

Creativity - How unique is the song compared to other Auxy tracks? It’s good to have a balance. Sure you can randomly place notes and make automation, and, although it may be different, it’s not necessarily pleasing to listen to.

Composition - How good is the actual composition, when you take out all the automation etc.?

Accuracy: How much you stuck to the challenge’s rules.

Execution: How well did you execute all the ideas you tried to pull off? How is the instrument choice? Mixing?


This tournament will be all based around winter. :snowflake: The challenges will all revolve around embodying different aspects of the season in your music.


The two finalists will get a :unicorn: to display next to your username.

Always next time

Running tournaments is sort of a hobby of mine, so if you can’t enter this time around, it’s not too late. There will be a sixth Auxy Tournament.


Good luck all! I will post the first challenge as soon as sign ups are full.


That’s a lot of hosts xD this definitely will be interesting to see how your scoring will vary from person to person, especially since there is a distinctly diverse range of musical taste.


Excited to be co-hosting another round of this! We’ve had some amazing entries in the past and I look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with this time around. Also, excited to be working alongside the new co-hosts @Produk and @BobTheGUYYYYY and also with @DHO again. :+1:


Sure what the hey.


I signed up! So excited to be part of my first Auxy Tournament!


For those of us that haven’t participated in a previous tournament (and for those new to the disco), would it be possible to post the rules and times etc…?


Shouldn’t it be 2K19?


It may be starting this year so who knows :\


Winter tournament? But it’s summer here!


Can you elaborate?


I’m just gonna spectate. The Southern Hemisphere ain’t very wintery right now.


Sure. = )

From the introductory post I can only ascertain the tournament style (bracket), the scoring system (4 x 10) and theme (winter).

Having never entered a one of the tournaments here, I’m left with a lot questions.

Is it for Auxy tracks or for the Auxy community?
Can I use a combination of Garageband and Auxy? Or Auxy and Ableton?

Are we making full tracks, or is there a time limit? How long between rounds?
It’s a busy time of year. It would be nice to know these things up front.



Tracks should be 100% Auxy. Length varies but generally should be about a minute. Time between rounds is usually two weeks but this is subject to change.


Oh 32 people rip


@DHO @Andrew_Adams @Produk If I join now but drop out later because of being too busy, can my spot be easily filled? I’d love to participate, but life’s been crazy recently and I don’t want to take a spot that someone else could use if I’m not able to.


Depends if over 32 people want to sign up, and if the person who takes your spot could’ve gotten there realistically.


cool. I’m gonna do it then


Ah crud. No external samples at all? Woof. Ah well will give it a whirl.


Signed up :eyes:


Might have to drop out but I’ll try and do this one!