[CONTEST] Auxy Winter Tournament 2K19! - FINAL ROUND! MR.A v Mr.S




I can’t stop listening to your entry! It really is quite good!


Who’s? Me or serp


Well, now everyone has entered,
Good luck everybody!
Hope to see surf or serp in the finals!


I’m so sad to have to eliminate people this round. It’s been a good run and an amazing competition. I hope this tournament has filled all who entered with inspiration and motivation and hopefully even some new knowledge to carry with them forever into the future.


Well it’s not over yet! And it’s only fair that the best man wins




I’ve probably listened to yours more


i’m extremely worried, serp’s entry was so good


i don’t think mine is good enough, i’m gonna try making a new one before the deadline😉


oh my god i’m so indecisive


ok, here’s my last try.

i made this as i reflected on what the season of winter is. most people associate winter with a gloomy time full of loss. i decided to disregard that common belief and instead look at it as a time of hope. it’s a hope for better times, such as hoping for summertime, hoping for a better relationship with someone, or hoping that you beat mr. serpent in this tournament somehow. in this track, i focused on making everything sound organic and human. i didn’t want too many electronic sounds in it, so i decided to go the acoustic route. there’s also a lot of offbeat drums and percussions that add a natural-feeling element to the track. i really hope you guys like this. i wish the best of luck to @MrSerpent, @MR_ANDERSON, and @Tolberto. and if i do get eliminated this round, thank you to all of my listeners who got me this far. you all mean a lot to me and i’ll always be grateful for all of you. thanks, and may the best track win!


i’m so excited to see the results.
good luck all!


So am I!


Great work this time around, all. Results coming asap.

I gave a lot of 20s this time. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Dying to know the results! :sweat_smile:


Roughly 1 eternity later…


Still waiting on two of the judges to score.


That’s cool


Results coming sometime today (Pacific Time).