[CONTEST] Auxy Winter Tournament 2K19! - FINAL ROUND! MR.A v Mr.S


Its actually going kinda well


rooting for you ^^


tbh tolberto’s quietly dropping bangers


y’all rooting for tolberto while i’m stuck here procrastinating until last minute



Well also ik I’m not winning this round so its just gonna be like me and mr a are gonna show how future bass is a wide genre


https://soundcloud.com/t0lbert0/round-4 Here ya go
I’m not really having high hopes this round so I kinda rushed my entry.
It’s been a gud run bois :cry:


Noice. Good luck!


Please explain it though.


Hey, you’ve got a pretty confident entry. Don’t be too down about your chances :wink:


Well I do at the moment because you havent shown us yours :joy:


Here’s my entry.

I encountered a lot of roadblocks not just during the tournament but with music in general for the past few months. So much is coming through my life that it’s hard to keep track of things and I’m slowly losing time that can be used to brainstorm songs which has sort of created a bit of what would be an artist’s block, but…

this tournament has carried me through what would be a much worse period for my music if it weren’t for the constant sources of inspiration not only from the fun making the songs to the parameters of the competition but from listening to all of the talent and inspiration from other auxy creators. I owe this community a lot when it comes to how my skills and inspirations have progressed. Thank you for helping me in any way that each one of you have for so long. Thank you! :smile:



@Tolberto don’t let anyone get you down. Mr. Anderson is good, but now you can show the world who’s better. #TeamTolberto




@Tolberto You still need to explain what you’re trying to convey with the song.


I should be able to post my entry tonight, we’ll see.






Well, this is what I got done. I’m out of time, life is really getting busy where I am :sweat_smile:

@Tolberto best of luck!

My life over the past winter months has been full of contraries: stress and relaxation, joy and pain, noise and quiet. I am a senior in high school; anyone who has been through that experience can attest to the fact that things aren’t always easy. Yet it is still a time of great excitement and opportunity, full of wonder with the bright future ahead.

My track was meant to illustrate all of these contraries. Immediately, the listener is confronted with a rich layer of rising chords. For several bars, it seems quite relaxed, but quickly, tension builds. The tension rises into one final chord before it resolves and transitions to an exciting, fast-paced drop. Once this section ends, the soothing layers from the beginning reappear, returning the listener once more to their initial relaxed state.

My life, much like this track’s constantly shifting textures, has truly been a wild ride over the last few months. It has been full of challenge and tension just as much as with rest and peace. Furthermore, it seems that every day, something changes for me, be it a relationship, a potential college decision, etc. Yet in my life are constants that keep everything bound together, such as my family and friends. These things are all modeled in my song.

In my life, so much happens so quickly, that I barely realize that time has passed until it is already months later. As the saying goes, “Time flies when you are having fun!” So it is with my song. When you listen, close your eyes, and try to experience what I have described. I hope you will enjoy it!


Ive already lost and I havent even listened yet


Ok so basically

I didnt do much over the winter, so i tried to FILL the time with auxy and (unfortunately) schoolwork/revision. To be honest, it really didnt feel like a winter holiday, as it didnt snow here and I was always busily rushing off to school attending study sessions.

Hence the random fills and contrast of melody-it can represent how different each day was to one another.
Ok thats enough waffle and useless explanation :potato::potato: