[CONTEST] Auxy Winter Tournament 2K19! - FINAL ROUND! MR.A v Mr.S




i’m honestly really stressed out about next round, both inso and mr. serpent are way better than me but i don’t wanna lose


Same, it’s like I don’t want to lose but at the same time I don’t want to win so I don’t have to keep stressing about producing something decent relatively quickly. If anyone deserves to beat me it’s probably Mr. A!


i was thinking the same about this round tbh, but then bed legs dropped out (kind of a relief tbh, my entry was horrible and i think he would’ve won if he hadn’t dropped out)


Wow, that was a close round! Personally, I live for chromatic chords, so that was a real treat for me to judge.

The Challenge

Well, Spring is just around the corner, so I thought it would be nice if we take some time to reflect on our winter and write a song inspired by what you did this time around. Get creative this round. There aren’t any huge restrictions, but please let us know what you’re trying to convey and which aspect of the song you put the biggest focus on.

All tracks must be one minute or under.

The submissions are due by Thursday, Match 7th, 5:00 PM Pacific Time. Post a SoundCloud link here. We will not accept private messages/private links.

The Competitors:

@MR_ANDERSON vs @Tolberto
@MrSerpent vs @surf


Welp, it was fun
@DHO what was the one point I lacked?


The scores are averaged between judges.


o o f


round one vol. 2 + freedom


Wasn’t it originally relatively loose


this is looser? idek


Yeah but on this one you can focus on anything whereas round one was restricted to a focus on melody.


@Tolberto you’re a good friend and all but honestly it looks like you’re on the losing team

no hard feelings but your opponent is actually like a god

i still believe in you, but i feel conflicted now :^)


News flash: @MR_ANDERSON just knows what chords to use. He has experience. I do t see how so many people see him as an unbeatable deity. I bet I could beat him (No offense Mr. A)


Totally true. I’ve not won a tournament yet; anything is possible!


Me: 0 unicorns

Anderson: 2 unicorns


That was other stuff


Also keep in mind Tolberto and Mr. A have been pretty equally matched this tournament.


Not a this round! Mr A is amazing


Believe in yourself!