[CONTEST] Auxy Winter Tournament 2K19! - FINAL ROUND! MR.A v Mr.S



There’s mine! Good luck @Tolberto


Uploading my total failure in a few hours !!!


nevermind! When is the due date? Still the 25th?




https://soundcloud.com/t0lbert0/round-3-aka-failure Here ya go
@crystldawnmusic good luck!


I don’t think I can accept this if you put failure in the title :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Edit: I mean, we still will, but I’d encourage you change the name and not doubt yourself.



here’s my entry, hopefully it’s good enough, i actually used chromatic mode this time lmao


Nothing makes me wanna listen to a track as much as when people are like “I wrote this I hope you like it but it’s garbage”- just sayin’


Reverse psychology!! It makes people listen to my track. Definately what I intented to do from the start yes!!!


Wow, that sounds way better than mine


U sure


That’s Monday, right?



My submission!
Tried to go for more of a natural type of thing, at least relative to my main style of music. Took some inspiration from one of my old songs ‘epacse’. Hope you enjoy!


Sorry, but I am unable to have a track for this final round. I know how I am letting people down that wanted to participate, or those that have and did not make it through. Again I am sorry, but I appreciate everything!


Why not?


Everything I talked about in my post


that’s a shame, i was looking forward to hearing your entry. best of luck with your music, i’ll keep supporting you and listening to your music, and maybe we can work on a song together some day😁


Winter and Spring tournament


I’ll have my entry in last minute, just tweaking some things. Promise it’ll be a good one, heads up @MrSerpent :wink:


And it’s here:

I hope you have fun Leaving the Atmosphere

@DHO and the rest of the judges, let me know if you need chordal distinction