[CONTEST] Auxy Winter Tournament 2K19! - FINAL ROUND! MR.A v Mr.S


You raise a valid point, but this is a competition, not intended to be an accurate assessment of each producer’s skills. Each challenge will be easier or harder depending on your individual skills; that’s the point of it (hence “challenge”)

The bias is definitely going to be real, and that’s hard to get rid of. But again, by joining the tournament, you’re asking to be judged by a judge, not an algorithm or some kind of 100% accurate measurement system.

TL;DR It’s a competition, therefore not meant to be fair


Well we can’t pick a genre that no person has ever produced, right? Let’s make a wintery Heavy Reggae Future-hop Mumble Bass track for the next challenge. Sound good?

Imagine being skilled enough to win a tournament.

Just has to be better than your competitiors.


That’s not true imo. There are tons of compositional elements you can incorporate into a song to make it sound like winter. I don’t even see how sleigh bells sound like winter tbh, that’s more of a Christmas than an overall winter thing.


for me at least, a sound ive always connected with winter is kiss

which is why i used it in my first challenge entry

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But Christmas is in winter so… can you give an example of things that sound wintery?

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Let’s do it!


Cold, snowy sounds


What does that even sound like? Example please!


Certain chord progressions and ways of ambience can really evoke a winter feel. Do you want a specific example?

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Kayasho’s It’s all cuz of da winta EP

:heart: @kayasho


Yes, I would like a specific example because there are many songs that share chord progressions.

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Okay. Sweet. What instruments sound cold to you?

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McFluty, Lake, steel guitars, soft pianos, they all sound nice and wintery if you use them right


Oh shoot @Hum4n01d totally just put the perfect example


I don’t think it’s about instruments at all, more about composition.

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True, I kind of ripped off Kayasho’s style with my entry.

imitation is the sincerest form of flattery


A guitar sounds very warm. I do agree that piano does sound wintery, but only if you use the very high keys. Lake, eh, that’s a little arguable. Spring comes to mind when I hear a flute. But I will say this, I did use a flute for some creepy cold atmosphere in one song so I can see how it can sound “cold.”

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It all depends on how you use it. I’m not expert in this genre though, I’m just sharing what I used in my track


I think it has a lot to do with instruments. I’d like you to make a winter track using a didgeridoo

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