[CONTEST] Auxy Winter Tournament 2K19! - FINAL ROUND! MR.A v Mr.S


Nah don’t worry man.You can do this!

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Good luck to you too @Matik may the best atmosphere win


Thanks! :smile:

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That’s a really interesting way to think about it. Thanks :+1:


yes, go listen. is good song. no bias.


I disagree. This competition is completely fair. There’s a reason it’s called a challenge and not a walk in the park. The goal is not only to test people’s skills in different areas, but also to get them interested in all different aspects of producing, to practice them, to research them, etc. This isn’t just about testing skills you already have, it’s about pushing you to learn more and broaden your musical abilities.

There is of course going to be a bias in judging in terms of what kind of music we like but I specifically picked the judges to try and balance out musical taste.

Also, how popular you are has nothing to do with judging. Small artists have just as much a right to win as anybody else, so long as they have the skills to reach the top. If somebody unpopular won and people got mad about it because of their status, shame on them.

Edit: Also, have you looked at the past tournaments? In almost all of them, the winner was a smaller artist (maybe not super small but not as huge of a lot of the Auxians on here, at least at the time of winning).


I don’t think it’s a fair challenge if there’s someone that already knows how to compose a song in a genre when the other has never tried. And the time work window isn’t enough for someone to learn and finish a track in a genre new to them. Sure, the track may be decent, but it won’t be winning quality. Why not make everyone make a song in a genre that no one has done with Auxy. You can make a challenge like make a country song. I know this competition is winter based so making a county song with a winter theme would sound odd, but you get my point. A fair challenge is when everyone is tested and not just some at a time. But then again, buffs make a more interesting competition :wink:


I get what you’re saying about how it’s unfair if some people are familiar with a genre and others are not, but I have to disagree that somebody can’t learn a new genre and write a song in it in two weeks. There’s a ton you can learn in even one day if you set your mind to it.


I wasn’t saying you can’t write a song with a new genre. Looks like someone ignored what I said after the quote. You took what I said out of context. Not cool.
I’ll have to state what I said again, it seems. You can write a song while learning a new genre, but it’s not going to be the best because you need more time to practice with it.
Think of it this way. Your first song. Was it good? Maybe. But it wasn’t the best. Why? Because you need to practice and learn! A new genre can be structured so differently from what you’re use to so it would be like learning music again.

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Someone’s always gonna know how to do X genre or use X instruments, effects etc better than others. That’s how things work and that’s always how it’s been. If you keep trying to focus on a challenge that is 100% level for everyone, we’d have run out of genres after the 1st tournament. And even then you’d have to think about ppl participating with demo sounds, so then everyone could only use those else It’d be unfair there too.


You can’t really get much out of the demo sounds so I feel like that person is gonna have a hard time with other genres. Which really sucks. Songs are gonna sound better with the paid instruments. So for people who are participating with the demo sounds, all I have to say is good luck!

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I apologize, I didn’t mean to take what you said out of context. In fact I think you make good points. But I also agree with @El1011. No matter what the challenge is, there will always be somebody who is naturally going to be better at it or know more about it than others. So we could try and make the challenge way less of a genre things, but then there will still be somebody better at that. Take last round for example. Even though melody is just a basic part of music there were still some people who were just better at it.


you can def do a lot with the demo sounds lol. I myself am a demo user and nearly beat Mr. Serpent, but only lost by 1 point. And i’ve gotten pretty far in previous comps lol (got into final 4 in the one where xiejra won)

The paid instruments are def a lot better, but just having more sounds wont make ur tracks “better”. They give you more options, but unless you know how to use them well, then it’s just a waste of $5.



Also, saying that you are worse at a certain genre or saying that you won’t be able to make as good of a song with the demo sounds is no mindset to have. It’s like setting yourself up for failure.


I’d love to hear what you came up with only using demo sounds!


I’m not saying anything about being the worst at a genre. With the whole demo instrument thing, what I was trying to say is that it would be hard to do certain genres with the demo sounds. I couldn’t even think how someone someone would make a dubstep track with the demo sounds. I’m sure it’s possible, but it would take a lot of skill. While I’m on the note of instruments, i know that other instruments won’t make you better, but I do feel like some sounds are just needed. The demo sounds only comes with 2 basses. What if you’re looking for a more funky bass? It’s just not there unless you pay for it or unless you’ve already paid for it.
(And I’m not talking about the new bass pack. I’m referring to the original bass synths like Flag or Panda. Those can be quite funky.)
Since this competition is winter based, the only thing that truly makes anything sound wintery or snowy are sleigh bells no doubt. And non of the demo drums have that. I don’t even think any drum samples in Auxy are sleigh bells. I could be wrong. This reason why I bring this up is because I don’t really think any of the tracks people have made so far sound winter like without the stories attached to them. Just something I had on my mind.


lol thanks. but literally all of the stuff on my Auxy account is demo sounds. I’ve never gotten the subscription except for the one big halloween collab track and even then i just used the free month


Would you mind PMing me some of your tracks? Or do you have a link to your SC on your profile?
I really don’t want to get too off topic in this thread.


I think that’s a good combo tbh