Congrats to Auxy!

Congratulations to auxy being the app of the day on Apple! I know this is random so that’s what it’s here​:joy::joy:


YOYOYOY LETS GOGOG BROHH!!! HECK EYEYSSHSHSHSH!! Fortnite is the greatest game

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Yes, I saw that! Hopefully that’ll get the app some quality promo

I feel like I often see Auxy as “app of the day” on the App Store lol


Yeah same. It sort of seems like it’s generated based on stuff you use / look at

Funny since I haven’t used Auxy in months, but it showed up for me too. Maybe it’s because I never deleted it from my phone

I honestly don’t know, I’m on it on a daily basis so🤷🏻‍♂️

I’m wondering if it’s connected to App Store advertising pushes by the developers - i.e. not a curated spot, selected by Apple’s App Store team, but closer to a paid feature promotion.

Iirc, most/all of the advertising/marketing budget for Auxy is focused on App Store advertising.

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Kind of silly when you think of all the free promotion you get from actively engaging with the community on places like soundcloud where people can see just how functional it is (on a surface level of course). I still stand by my claim that the beat the clock challenges were the most trivial and easy to handle essentially free promotion that actively engaged people and got attention to the app. Even with having someone else handle judging, the time it takes to

  • let someone judge
  • put a tiny link in app
  • maybe post the winners in a playlist

Would equate to only about a half hour of actual work. Something that “wasn’t worth the investment”.

I’m honestly afraid to know what kind of spending they actually put into advertisements like that, if something that only takes a half hour or so isn’t “worth the money and time”…

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Well, yes and no.

If they can still grow the bottom line by periodically pumping some money into an ad push, then the machine becomes relatively self-sustaining, leaving them to focus on other aspects - or other new projects.

It’s a legit business model, though, of course, it doesn’t play well with the existing userbase, who start to feel neglected, and some of whom drift away/unsub?

As long as the unsub rate is lower than the new subs rate, that’s growth.
It’s an ugly way to build a business, but it’s surprisingly common.

Making a profitable company and a great company aren’t necessarily the same thing.
Not all business owners want to - or know how to - aim for great.

It’s a shame. I’m clearly not alone in the belief that Auxy has the potential to be achieving far more than it currently is.

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You eventually run out of people at that point. And then everything caves in on itself.

Plus competition keeps the sand beneath their feet shifting.
If you’re ‘merely profitable’ then it’s only a matter of time before someone aiming for great starts eating your lunch.

No company ever became great by ignoring users.

SensorTower put Auxy Pro DLs at around 20K in June (not sure how typical that is for Auxy).
It also puts it at around 6K monthly subscribers, based on the revenue estimate. Of course, we don’t know how many of those were new subs starting in June, so we can’t really estimate the conversion rate beyond a finger-in-the-air figure.

Either way, it’s reasonable to assume the conversion rate is in the single digits.

I’d normally say there’s plenty of new potential users to feed an app the size of Auxy. But, if 20K DLs/month is anywhere close to typical for them, then yeah, their likely already starting to experience diminishing returns on their ad spend.


There is a topic for that already I believe…

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Where do you live?

America, but if we’re talking state NC

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Oh okay

I just got this in my App Store today, app of the day again: