Complextro Type Song (WIP) - CRASH

The genre of complextro has been just about unexplored in the Auxy community from what I’ve seen. I’m trying to get some genre diversity here.
(Just note that this song is in really early stages)
I’m looking for some feedback, like where to go with this song, how to make transitions cleaner and such. If you have any, once you’ve listened to the song, I’d love to hear it!


Sounds great man! But fair warning, this genre isn’t my strong suit. My suggestion would be to layer the synths and make another lead in a higher octave. Maybe a few more drums? I don’t know, like I said, this isn’t my strong suit. I can work on a demo project of what I mean if you would like.

For sure taking a look at this after class. Complextro is a pretty rare genre these days not just in Auxy, but just in be general edm scene


Which makes me sad. I love complextro.