Competition for “Icy Vox sample pack”

In this competition you must:

  • Make a 2 minute song
  • Make the vocal samples in the “Zeke Vox” kits the main focus for your songs
  • Turn it in by June 10th

The winner will get a free sound pack from Tails.

*Vocals by Zeke are from a song that has over 1K plays on SoundCloud, if you post it on SoundCloud the original artists will message you and tell you that you broke copyright rules. Zeke has given us permission to host this competition. The kits will be provided below.

If you win you will get a huge sound pack with 11 instruments and 1 drum kit!

Sorry I just don’t like the sounds U have given

That’s the point. They aren’t good sounds, the challenge is to make them sound good.

This is what I did with it. @L1me

Ok I think I’ll actually give it a try

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Idk but I kinda just slapped a melody on and drums :neutral_face:

I like this! The melody is great!

Since you’re the only competition so far, you’re in 1st place.

Can I have a link to the original song?? I’m curious how these vocals were used in the real thing

Like this


This is my entry!

Ooooh this is dope!! I love it!

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