Come On - Mister Master [Uses new Vocal Chops pack]


I made a throw-together track to test out the latest monthly Auxy sample pack.

I spent a couple of seconds perfecting the ending, so check that out.

Click the COW to listen.



New Romantic fan?


Lol that ending tho… awesome


I don’t get the reference. But I don’t think you’re referring to the cow in a romantic sense.

Are you referring to the New Romantics music, or Taylor Swift’s song of the same name?



I wanted to get your reference, so I didn’t feel stupidy. :nerd_face:

So, I googled “New Romantic” earlier and saw that Wikipedia post you’ve linked, but I probably need to listen to some, to get a feeling for what it’s about. Maybe then, I will decode the reference.

Another Google result was Taylor Swift’s song, which I must confess I listed to a couple of times. Quite catchy and her M U S I C - V I D E O kept my interest.

As a side note, I guess calling anything a “Music Video” sounds so outdated. Video. CD. DVD. LP. EP. :mantelpiece_clock::mantelpiece_clock::mantelpiece_clock:


I can’t put my finger on exactly why, but I hear a subtle undertone in a lot of your stuff.

Maybe not intentional…? Perhaps your parents played it during your childhood?


Really, that’s interesting. I didn’t know New Romantic music also sounded like turd. :joy:


Okay @blakkaz, I’m impressed.

I finally got around to listening to some “New Romantic” artists and realised that it includes some key bands I grew up listening to. You were totally right.

You’re like a music detective… a rock and roll detective

Now I’m dropping a Ford Fairlane reference for ya.