Colour Challenge!

Okay! So I’ve been chatting about synesthesia in the “Auxy Confessions” thread a lot, and I decided to make a challenge of it! All you need to do is make a track that makes you think of the colours light green and pink.

Tracks can be any length.
Tracks must be posted on Soundcloud and a link must be posted here.
Tracks must be submitted by the end of January.



b u m p


But I cannot. Cuz I don’t work like thrhis

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But if I did everything I would make would be mostly blues or purples in my head. So I guess I do this a little


i don’t have synesthesia superpowers, my apologies


Well, he said post it on soundcloud. But, I think it’s great! You could make a full track out of this.

Same though.


I already made a track that makes you feel light-green, I guess…

See I’ve always found the idea of synesthesia fascinating and tried to imagine what it’s like. Then the other day I was trying to describe a particular type of pain I was experiencing at the time, and realised I could only describe it in terms of smells.

Not full blown synesthesia, but partial I suppose. Someone made an alternative London tube map where every station was replaced with the taste that particular station makes them experience. It blows my mind!

Quick question off topic @Aqzi. When u see the colours, do u see them physically with your eyes? Or do u only see like a flash in your brain?

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I’ll do it. In fact… This will do nicely with something I have planned…

Decided to do some research on synesthesia an de tnhe different forms, and I believe I have ordinal linguistic personification, which is a type of synesthesia where someone relates ordered sequences with personalities and genders. So for me I can associate letters with genders, like a would be female, b would be male, c would be male and so on. This is very interesting, and I’m glad I did some research on it to figure out more about myself.

I assume it’s like if you see a picture of Donald Trump, the name comes instantly to your mind even though it’s not shown in the picture. It’s a fact that the picture represents Donald Trump. It’s the same with synesthesia. When he hears a tone, the color comes to his mind, and they are just linked in his brain.


Flash in me brain

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Yo I have ordinal linguistic person blah

Spot on

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Fun fact: Lime Green and Magenta is my favorite combination of colors

Does that also mean that you have perfect pitch? Because you are able to identify what note it is.