Color/label regions

Anyone knows how you set color to regions/parts. Can’t find the option anymore. Have used it before.


What do you want to say?
Color a region, what is it?
you mean you want to change color of instruments.

Hi Aklibs

The “cells/rectangles/blocks” I called region. In the Scene/arrangement I would like to change color if there are different notes/patterns in them. I hope this explains a bit better. Thank you.

Ok got it, so to change color/label you need to long press on instrument and menu will pop up.
Like in your screenshot you long press on Anemone and select Label and Color.

I think the OP is asking about individual ‘loops’.

@LindellP It’s not possible to create different colours for each loop within an instrument. They all use the instrument colour.

Ok but why he said he used this before
It was bit confusing

Hi, sorry for confusion, I probably changed only the instrument color before. I could be wrong but on iPhone the last version I did not see the color option in “Label”, but could be wrong. Now in the latest beta, works fine.

But I was in my first question thinking of color change within a instrument, for separate modificated sequences/bars.

Thank you

Option to label as well as color has been available since Auxy 4.
So you can’t color individual loops.

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