Collab with Bw3ll

Lol I wouldn’t exactly call myself an expert but thanks anyway

Hey sorry for the late response, but here’s what I did to the project:
Fantastic beat already, but it had a lot of instruments that played a tiny role in the song and I had to delete some. I also organized it, color coding it by section. I’m still working on song structure but that should come with time. Tell me what you think, revise it and then send it back and we’ll work on it from there.

It’s really good what you’ve done all I kinda did was change the beat drop a little bit we should try and get more people on this track and blow up!!

Yeah maybe, although in my opinion it already has everything it needs. (except song structure obviously)
Here’s what I worked on:

I like what you added I added a different variation to the drop as well

I think I just finished and it’s AWESOME!!! :fire:

Bro, that IS fire

Now we need to make some art

And a name

Yeah I’m trying to think of a name right now

Okay I’ll be brainstorming as well

So what type of name are we looking for? Are we going for something just completely random or what are your thoughts?

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well, I’m thinking something that just sounds cool to be honest

Also I’ll do the art.

cool, for the name I’m thinking “Last Lif3” because you know, all of this coronavirus stuff thats going on, which means it might be your last life so how are you gonna spend it.

Maybe, we could consider that as an option

Hey guys. I just wanted to say that maybe next time you decide to ask for a collab like this on the disco, instead of chatting to the public, move to private messages. Also edit the original post to say that you have found a partner.


Yes we did a few hours ago, but sorry we should have done it sooner