Collab with Bw3ll

Hey guys I want some help with this track im working on have a look at the project and lets make this track a beast.

Hey it says the project link is expired, just a heads up in case you hadn’t realized

ok I’ll see if i can fix that, thank you!

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Yeah no problem

it might be this one if that doesnt work I might know what to do

or it might be this one

It says the project link is expired for both of those

dang thats weird everytime i use the link it works

Hmm. Do you have the latest version of Auxy?

i do, its all up to date

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Dang bro, that is fantastic.

I’d totally work on that with you if you want

cool so it worked??? and yeah go for it it’ll be nice to get some expertise on this track.

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Lol I wouldn’t exactly call myself an expert but thanks anyway

Hey sorry for the late response, but here’s what I did to the project:
Fantastic beat already, but it had a lot of instruments that played a tiny role in the song and I had to delete some. I also organized it, color coding it by section. I’m still working on song structure but that should come with time. Tell me what you think, revise it and then send it back and we’ll work on it from there.

It’s really good what you’ve done all I kinda did was change the beat drop a little bit we should try and get more people on this track and blow up!!

Yeah maybe, although in my opinion it already has everything it needs. (except song structure obviously)
Here’s what I worked on: