Collab future bounce

Hit me up if you are down to collab. I already got a baseline and just need a melody to finish this banger

Maybe it’d be best to make a singular topic with all of your WIPs instead of making a new one every single time? Or use the already existing (and actively updated / followed) WIP melting pot here. Share your unused projects here!


Dude, stop posting the same wip in different topics. It ain’t cool anymore!

Idk care if it’s cool or not. I want to make a track with someone and I’m not gonna be stopped by you guys

We won’t stop you… But the @moderators can.

Nah I’ve asked nicely for this to stop, and someone else flagged my efforts, so it’s cool if you guys wanna drive the ship into the ground you do you :slight_smile:


We will, but here’s a deal I’m gonna make. If he posts the same link 3 times, you’re gonna have to suspend him for posting the link over & over. If not, this will end. Anyone accepting?

I don’t really see a problem… he’s just asking for help with a project, but it will get annoying if you create three different topics about the same project.

And it’s not for the same project guys just letting you know. The project links are different everytime, the only thing that is the same is that I want to make future bounce tracks. If you can’t see the difference then that’s on you



just move all the older links that havent been touched on here, delete the previous topics.


Just want to note quick, this thread is NOT for works in progress. That thread is like the dump - you can leave your trash there, and if someone wants to go dumpster diving they totally can and that’s all well and good. It’s like a take a penny / leave a penny change cup.

Literally in the description for works in progress has the word collab in it, and guess what word is in my thread?


Not responding to you.

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lol, y’all complain to much

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l o l

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Damn that’s cold my guy

you just responded

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I just want you and everyone to be aware this is why we can’t have nice things.


Ya free will sucks