Collab future bounce - Bw3ll

Aye I would like some extra hands on this NEW future bounce track I’m working on. Let’s make somethin happen​:fire::fire::fire:


I’m not intending for any collab, but I only did a few tweaks, and it
may or may not sound good to others, but here it is :
Here are the things I subtly changed :

  • Instead of the instruments hitting tonic at the end of the bar 2 (Scene 1 and 2), I lowered them to dominant, so that it transitions nicely to that little minor chord segment.
  • The "Climb’ instrument at the Scene 3 has irregular piercing volumes that sit outside the ducker beat, so I lowered the lowpass to make sure the notes have equal volume.
  • added Clap to Scene 3
  • Intensified the Sweeper
    I think that’s all, let me know what you think about it. Also, why are there a lot of unused loops? Just asking.

Hey I’m trying to study them, no need to be rude. :((

sorry if I didn’t word my compliment properly

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Good job on the edit :+1:t2:

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Thank you for the feedback

If anyone else wants to add their idea to it let me know. Here’s an updated project link