Collab for Canadians?

Because if Australia and America can do it, so can we, I guess

yes I’m canadian deal with it

Confirmed so far:



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Im up for this!


I wonder if we’d be able to get more, if there even are any?

There are less Canadians than I thought. Didn’t expect many but sheesh.


count me in

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If a Canadian collab is happening, you may want to aim to release at the end of July, as that’s the date set for the US collabs.

Aye, aye!


yesyes I know I’m sorry July is going by very very fast. I’ll put up an empty project link later today.

Here is the empty project link (DO NOT CLICK IF YOU’RE NOT PART OF THIS)

Any suggestions on a genre? Or, if you want, someone can create the first bit and the rest of us will add on from there.

Have fun and go wild.

Actually, @ST3R30, @magnadeus, I came up with another idea. Perhaps we could make an EP together, so it’s easier to tell which person did what, instead of all 3 of us working on the one song. We’re a smaller group than the American collab, so it wouldn’t be too hard. Any genres are welcome if we do this instead!

Does that sound alright, or do we just make the one song? Just curious to know :smiley:

i’m down for that, and flexible genre-wise

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ooh, this sounds like a good idea

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@ST3R30 @magnadeus Yo my dudes, what genre is the EP gonna be? Is it going to be EDM? Are we going to try something different? Are we each doing a different genre? Are we doing the same genre?

I’m just trying to make sure we each have equal input, that’s all!

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tbh i think it would be pretty cool if we all did different genres so all of our different unique styles of music can come together, if that make any sense

also rip to the end of july release date

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