Collab - Bw3ll/ future house

Hey guys I want some help on making the drop A LOT powerful and loud.


Loyal Lions 2 (Kirk Edit)
Some stuff I changed :

  • I varied more lines to the piano. It’s unnecessary, based off on your request, but I figured it should as it’s a solo.
  • Added pauses in build-ups. Pauses will make the listener realize how loud the song has become and leaving silence is a good tension maker before it drops.
  • I didn’t do much about the chorus, but I played with the sweeper, and I did this one effective method that I found through Assasinerd’s one project (I forgot what the title was) and applied them here.
  • I mostly added minor sound cues so the listeners know it’s progressing pretty well and know where they are.
  • The second Build-Up was pretty much the same, except the “Tense” is screaming at the top of its lungs before the drop.
  • I also think the thing that wasn’t making it loud and powerful was the setting for the ducker. It’s set to “Trigger Every Beat”. You don’t want that, because if you’re making a different variation to the percussion, then the ducker of the melody/ies won’t match.
  • (Edit) I forgot to mention; Don’t showcase very powerful instruments at the start. That’s also the reason why the Chorus wasn’t exciting as it were before it even climaxes. So ye.

That’s all. The song is fire as usual. Can’t wait for the final product. :star_struck:

I like what you’ve added. I still want to try and make the drop hit hard, if you have any more ideas on that let me know

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who summoned me?

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Lmao are you the one who made that one future bounce project or is it someone else? I can’t remember :joy:. Also how the heck did you know I mentioned you when I didn’t even use @? lol

Depends, I posted a few future bounce projects, but I’m mainly the future bounce guy here other than Bw3ll

Also a magician never reveals his secrets

that’s nice to know. Don’t show your best project links to me, because I can easily succ music style, and I do autopsies. :smirk: