Colab with InfinityBeatz!

Hey guys! Hope everyones having a great day! I want to make a song with you guys! Heres the project so far in the link below /. Im shooting for kind of a hip hop style.

Hey I’ll do it


Heres a little more added

Forget the one above lol heres this

I remixed the first one, mine still needs some touch up

You have all the packs right

aye better be checkin my Soundcloud tomorrow me and DZ dropping again

chill beats with DZ & DK

DZ (DeCruz)

I did some stuff to it. I don’t think it is hip hop anymore, sorry

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You could add vocals to that I think

I’m really not sure what to add lol. It’s a nice beat but today I just can’t make anything good for some reason. We could get somebody like @therealejoc to add vocals maybe, I’ve made a track that he’s adding vocals to before

Ok no i do not have all sound packs i have

Rac essentials

The nick pianoes

And the keyboards

But i can still make it work and im really late lol im at a camp for ffa

I like that upbeat tone there man good job👍🏻

Your version isnt bad at all. I love it! But i think what im going to do is change the name. Keep no applaud a hip hop beat. And colab this version with you. That sound good?

Sure @InfinityBeatz

Heres this with only a couple edits

I think a different name needs to be made

@InfinityBeatz I turned down the drums and changed the piano back to electric. It doesnt fit.