Coercion - blackocean [futuretrap] so this is the only single from the new album on 2/2/2018. thats all. hope you enjoy.


It’s future bass just at 125 bpm

Genre’s Future Bass.

ok but the second drop is nowhere near futurebass

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I’m still listening so I’ll let you know

Hmm… chill trap?

It’s like half future bass, half trap

on SC its ambient trap but that doesnt apply to the first drop
so idk

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Well yeah I guess ambient trap. But I thought ambient is like nature? I didn’t realky hear any nature sounds… or can ambient just be like really chill aswell?

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Up til the drop it sounds like a good trap future bass intro

Then the drops future bass

Yeah I guess it’s chill trap

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It’s music, and it’s freaking damn good music @blackocean, genres be damned this is fantastic.

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It’s definitely a trap base though. As the quote goes,

“Because trap is sad. You can’t make no happy sounding trap song what is wrong with you?” - FrankJavCee

talk to Lil Yachty about that :joy:

doesn’t understand

It’s classically defined by being subtle and atmospheric, by its more open structure, and by being less centred on melody or rhythm. The instruments or sources of sound aren’t really a factor and it can include ‘field recordings’ (‘natural’).

The modern/working definition has broadened to include music that might better be described as ‘chill’ in its intention, where rhythm still plays a key role.

Coupl’a articles to pick through for some listens…


Yeah that’s what I also originally thought but someone I know personally told me different so then I thought it was true… I’ll stick to myself from now on lol

Fwiw, I’d consider the track as something like Chill Future Trap.
(Couldn’t legitimately call it ‘ambient’, imo.)


Very soothing indeed, I love that trap part.

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