Clu - Akyut (Outrun, Synthwave)

I’m in love with the new soundpack. Anybody else?


nope, not me.

I mean, a couple of them are good…

…the song is good tho. I like the part when the hi hats come in in the beginning.

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Overall, this a pretty interesting track. Good work! I do have some feedback though: I think the idea here is pretty cool, but I think it has too much arp. Never thought I’d say that, but it seems like almost the entire song is comprised of the four different sequences of arpeggios. There’s nothing wrong about it, but IMO, when I think of outrun, the bass is usually more consistent (in notes) and pronounced in the low end and somewhat in the mid (depending on how aggressive/distorted the bass is), whereas the arpeggios and melody mostly take up the upper mid and high end.

I don’t really know anything about synthwave and outrun, so I don’t know if it’s either or (or both). I like what you’ve done here. I feel like I’d like it more if the tempo was rolled back some and there were no drums (I know that sounds crazy). I feel like where the track really shines is when the arps are front and center without the distractions of percussive elements. I really like the interplay between the strings and the arps - but again, the drums come in and it jostles up that magic back and forth between them.

TOTALLY subjective opinion, overall the track is great. Just some personal two pence. Also, thank you for doing a fadeout lol, I feel like they should be used more often, I don’t care what anyone says lol :slight_smile: