CloudBounce AI auto-mastering: New Mac/Win desktop app

Feeling particularly glad that I just renewed my CloudBounce Infinity (unlimited) account while the hugely discounted* deal was on…

The new desktop app is free to all Infinity accounts:

  • faster uploads, mastering, export process [just test, hella faster]
  • batch mastering
  • reference track upload
  • LUFS/Loudness control
  • export to more formats incl. WAV, AIFF, FLAC, Ogg-Vorbis, CoreAudio, MP3 (with customisable quality settings)
  • export to multiple formats in one go

Note: The official price has gone back up to $19.99/month, if you go via the site.
But it seems the $59/y offer page is still live on the regular site. So, definitely the cheapest way to get unlimited auto-mastering with access to the new desktop app, new features, etc…)





Hey, all.

CloudBounce are currently offering a $99 Premium Lifetime deal.

All services, unlimited hi-res AI-based mastering for life.

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