Cloud by anechoik


anechoik - cloud.

after 6 months, (june - november) working on this album, its finally released public on all major (mainstream) platforms.


Apple Music


i no its not much but you (eventually by now) know that im working on many projects and such… experimenting many new stuff. “lets just say that this is a small piece to a huge puzzle” looking forward to the future.

A N E C H O I K.


dude i love this stuff! u gonna post on sc too?


So excited about this!


Can you please stop deleting your old songs, though? I really miss Oir from Spotify and Dimence from Soundcloud.


yes some of them, i lost some samples in some of those tracks and i cant get them back… but tell me which one(s) you want me to post !




ill try to bring back oir


dope stuff



honestly all that u have would be dope :)!




I’m immediately hooked into jupiter. Gonna try to listen through all of them but this immediately speaks to me. Your instrumentation is awesome. I’m getting a Neverending Story vibe, which is probably just me. But it’s really good and cool. This kind of stuff isn’t normally my bag, but good music is good music man.

Awesome work

bijou another really good one. Can’t help but wonder how all these would sound with vocals though… would really be the cherry on top.


thank you so much !


also about jupiter, this is one is a different version. the first one was of a epic cinematic track, i should post that version to soundcloud


ahh, meadows. see

there’s a project of mine that it’s very similar to meadows. it’s pretty good! it follows that “orchestrated” or epic soundtrack, stay tuned ! :wink: