Closure (A) - Hern [Genre?]

Not exactly sure what genre this is, but it’s an experiment with some horns, strings, and piano. Planning for this to be a part of a longer series of tracks, potentially an EP? Not exactly sure at the moment, but we’ll see.

Link is here (Runtime - 9:12):

Hope you guys enjoy, constructive criticism is welcome as always.


Not sure of a genre, though Instrumental Avant-Pop came to mind (and/or Contemporary Classical and/or ‘Chamber Pop’), shifting more to the filmic end of Electronic later on. It’s a tricky one.

…but I loved it.

Would have loved the sax to be a bit clearer in the mix. What I could make out, I really liked what you were doing with it, with contemporary jazz moments.

That 1:30–2:15 section is fantastic.

I’ll give it another listen tomorrow on better kit. :+1: