[CLOSED] Megacollab! [videogame-y, DNB, dance, electro]


I always show up to the megacollabs late by like, one person. So… FINE! I guess I’ll just go make my OWN megacollab!

ANYWAYS, who’s in? Topic title says the genres I’m thinking about but you guys can throw some other stuff in there too.

Current members:

I’m thinking 7-15 people.

let’s try not to do future bass because EVERYONE ELSE IS DOING FUTURE BASS


If I had the full version of Auxy, I would have gone “hell yeah, sign me up”. RIP


Tfw you wish you could send someone $5 in iTunes money :cry:


Drum and bass AND vg/chiptuney? Color me intrigued… :thinking:


did someone say…
-rushes in thread-


Yep and yep! Are you guys in?


I’m in


Sure, I’m down what the hey, haven’t done anything like this in awhile


Someone tried to do that for me once. Led to total confusion due to being in Australia, not America.


So many mega collabs…
can’t wait to hear this one!


did someone say CHIPTUNEY DANCE?
LET’S DO THIS! :smiley:


I am here please let me in Yeet
Also that other video game ost ain’t working out so well now lmao
Video game ost v2


count me in, lad!


Can I get in pleassssssss?


Sounds like fun, I’ll join.
Is there a discord channel for this as well?


@V-M Not yet, I’ll make one tho.


New discord server! All participating peeps please join (please don’t join if you’re not participating, this should be kinda confidential as to not spoil the song)




I’m in! @BobTheGUYYYYY


Future bass is my main genre but I can try something else