Claustrophobia - KKWWZ

ey up I’m kriz also known as KRISW or KKWWZ.
I’ve been using Auxy for a couple years now (I was 12 when I started, 14 now) and NO I’m not going to go on some huge piss off rant about how “this is my lifelong dream” and stuff like that, but I just wanted to say how much this platform has helped me and, dare I say the word - inspired me. When I first started I saw myself getting nowhere in terms of musical production and considered giving up completely. Alas, I’ve steadily improved up into the point where I’m confident enough to start producing music at a steady pace.
However my family aren’t too wealthy, so maintaining Auxy with all the new tracks creates a struggle for me.

I made a, I guess you could say “leaving Auxy” track,
Which is entirely made from the 10 or so demo sounds that Auxy give you for free, as one last nod of wholesome appreciation for this app.

kkwwz - claustrophobia.

peace out Auxy, you and the entire community will remain with me in my heart and soul.