Chrome Remix Challenge!

Okay, I know Remix Challenges are overused, but I still want to try one myself before the trend is over. Here’s a link to my new song Chrome, and here is your resource.

Please post on Soundcloud named “Vulture - Chrome [Yourname Remix]” to avoid plagiarism. I’m not accepting auxy links for said reason.
Entries are closed January 31. I’ll probably accept it if you’re late anyway, but try posting a Soundcloud link here before that date.



Sorry. poke

Whaaat?! This is just a passing trend? :confused: I’ve been enjoying all these remixes.

Definitely gonna work on this!

Already working on a remix… but I’ll try to get this one done :wink:



im coming
I have entry

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Lol the melody reminded me of this


Hey young man, how are you doing?
Here is my entry. Hope you enjoy.

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I like that song.

Yea it’s noice

Is this content still alive?

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I suppose you will win because

@Produk said he would enter: nope
@Indigoo said he/she would enter: nope
@anon73773654 said he/she would enter: nope

Btw to all the people I tagged, entries still open

I might try, though your music is on a much higher tier than mine.

My music is garbidge

I had an unfinished entry. :L Ran out of time, with other stuff clogging my musical schedule. Sorry! :L

When is the dead line?

The end of the month

I’m increasing it to end of Jan now since this got some activity

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