Chromatic and Key

I have a question that I haven’t found an answer for.
If I choose to make the whole project chromatic. Why can I still change the key? Or is it the actual tuning I change?
As an example: I chose to write the loop in chromatic and use the notes in the key of C. Then I can go and change the key slider to G. What key am I in now? I understand the feature if you have the loops in non-chromatic as the numbering represents the order of the notes in the choosen key. Shouldn’t the key slider be obsolete if you choose chromatic mode?


You can still use the slider, and making something unchromatic will make it in that key, but a chromatic roll will show every note in the octave show up.

Yes. But the slider effects the chromatic loops as well.

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As Tyballs says, shifting the key slider will reposition your notes up/down accordingly in the editor.

Plus it was originally there to still allow for tuning kicks, etc… though I’m not sure if that still applies with the vast V5 drum library.



Still haven’t received an answer about this. However, I’m going to assume the kicks are in the key of C, because that is what they sound to be tuned to at the very least. At least, the ones from the external packs. Pretty sure some of the default (OG) sounds are tuned differently.

It applies to all kicks that have tuning info, but it’s hard for you to know which have that.


Ok. But what about the original question? If I choose chromatic the tones in the scale changes when I slide the key slider. So how do I know which key I’m in?

Which packs have support for this? Or is it just scattered about randomly throughout all the kicks?

That’s only accurate if you write in the same key as set in the project preferences - which might be rare.

(I always only ever use Chromatic and never bother touching the key setting. I just dive in.)

When in Chromatic mode, with access to all notes, you’re free to write in whatever key you want - regardless of the key set in the project preferences.

The key setting may say C, but you could be writing in F. In which case, shifting the key setting up/down is about relative changes, rather than actually objective specifying which key your music is now in.


I do, as reference to the “original” root note. It could be because I like being obsessively systematic with my workflow rather than it be crazy and I lose patience with stuff not sounding good.

I certainly lack that level of discipline, pragmatism or maybe respect for the process.
Hopefully, my music gains more than it loses as a result. :wink:

Different strokes for different folks. I guess the crazier the workflow, the more likely you’re gonna discover an idea that hasn’t been thought of before.


It would be nice however to have a true chromatic option, where the keyboard spans the lowest notes of the lowest key to the highest notes of the highest key. A problem that would occur with this however would be that you wouldn’t be able to change back to the non-chromatic option that you had before.

Why did the team decide that you can’t undo a chromatic loop anyway? They could’ve kept the warning saying that some out-of-key notes would be removed like they used to.

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Thank you @shadowofunicorns. I didn’t check that up. I just listned. But as @akabillposters say it’s only true if you stay true to the key that is choosen. I will look at it as tuning the instruments to a key.

Hi fam!

Sorry for bringing this up again but I really need some help.

It’s just that I can’t find the chromatic mode anymore. I wonder if it was because of the new update that changed the settings or because I am not currently under subscription.

Thank you so much!

Tap the note length in the piano roll > 'Make chromatic"

Alternatively… you can enable “Make new loops chromatic” in the settings menu.

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Thanks Arimyth!