Chromaanimator [Collab?] :)

who wan collab with me :slight_smile:

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I’m down

aight cool

I don’t know your style and to be honest I don’t know mine. And I’m also really bad. But yeah I’m down.

Im in

I’ll join as well if you want

So who starts

Ok I’m down

could you start? i’m really not the best with thinking of melodies

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could you start? i’m bad with melodies,

could you?

I can try. Sure you want me to? :wink:

I’ll go

I made four eight-bar scenes. Want me to make more before I submit?

Side point: it sucks

Believe in ur self

Lol I think I do. I’m just realistic. Or a self-critic because I’m human lol

That was a contradiction if I ever saw one

CLol, it’s ok, just put it out there and people will tweak it depending on how they feel. That’s why having large collabs of like 5,6, or 7 people is cool. You get more diversity!

True point