Chord Challenge - HalfWaySoda


I have a challenge for everyone who wants to enter. There is no prize it’s just for fun to see what you guys can do with a “different” type of chords.

The main point is to see what kind of music you guys can make with these chords, honestly i think it’s quite different than what you normally hear in Auxy, but it’s cool.

No rules just have fun

Here’s the link for the no subscription piano


This sounds sick! I’m definitely making one


I’ll join as well. Just a suggestion; might want to make the loops a demo sound, so that everyone can join in.

Demo Sounds: Origin, Spray, Climb, Pebble, Mascara.


Epic im in. Chords are amazing


Thanks for suggestion i think I’ll do that


I think im done. Shall i upload to sc?

#7 Too bad


That was awesome, very very nice


Honestly it’s amazing I really want to see the project file, I’ve never heard this type of music in Auxy lol