Chopping up vocals and samples?

Is it possible to chop up vocals in Auxy? I want to add vocals to a track however because auxy limits to 10 second loops, I find it hard to get what I want. If it can’t be done in auxy is there an app where I can chop samples/loops I can use?


For samples that are 10 seconds + I put them into garageband, and chopped them up into 2 bar sections, then re uploaded the pieces to auxy. I just imported a 32 second loop to Auxy by splitting it into smaller sections. Hope this helps/makes sense :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks very much is it fairly straight forward on iPhone?

Yes It should be. I do this all on my Ipad mini. So I figure it would work on an Iphone
(If thats what ya meant lol)

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Awesome I’ll give it a go

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Have fun! :laughing:

I use an app called AudioCopy to record some things on my phone a import them directly to Auxy. It’s worth checking out and you can edit the audio pretty easily in the app.

Just an idea, GarageBand probably works better tho. :laughing:


You should consider making a video tutorial of that since GarageBand is pretty complicated for me, lol. It would probably help a lot!


I have something coming soon * Wink Wink *