Choir like Southborne

I want to make exciting choirs like southborne in his song panther, but I don’t know which sounds and notes. Someone help please

Hmm maybe a combination of Sweet Aaa, and Silk? You could ask @Southborne to know for sure though.

Thanks i tried your idea and i made this


Sounds like Silk with the tone all the way up and the pitch lowered an octave with automation.

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You’re pretty much on the money there mate! It’s actually more simple than you may think. I’m a big fan of silk for choirs. A bit of low pass, lots of reverb- you can see how I set it. A key thing is using chords that are wide and open- chords with too many close notes will sound cluttered. Here’s the choir from panther as well as an extra loop. The extra loop is an example of how I might structure a big chord- you can see where I build on it each bar. Hope this helps!



Thank you so much!

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