Cheddr - Cheddr [Album]

Wow, Auxy has come a long way (and so have I tbh)
I released this 12 track album on various platforms in the last several months.

Just uploaded it to Soundcloud.

Best sound quality is on Bandcamp or Youtube
Purchase it at bandcamp if you are so inclined, no pressure. Heck contact me and I’ll give you a download code if you like.

Track 1 has amazing vocals by Austin, TX team Eric C. Powell and Andrea Powell ( Vocals recorded and mixed external to Auxy. Otherwise all tracks were 100% produced with Auxy.

It took me over a year to produce these songs to the point where I was satisfied. If I exported this to Midi, there would be 60-70,000 notes in this album. Crazy to think about it that way. This is no, on session beats album. I put my heart and soul in it.

Track list
I’m on My Way (feat Eric C. Powell and Andrea Powell)
Stone Cold
Signals and Shadows
Letters from Camp Pt 1
Letters from Camp Pt 2
Center City
Thirty Six Oh Five
Half Moon
Alleys and Allies
Sky Blue Pink
I’m on My Way (Album Instrumental)

Some day I’ll tell the stories about these song titles. lol.

Also available at all your favorite streaming sites.

Other credits:
Album Art: freddarguello on Fiverr
Distribution: Distrokid
Mastering: post Auxy for free at Bandlab.


Soundcloud link again here:

I appreciate any comments at all you can offer!