Check out my song

Check out this finished song.
Comment on what you like or don’t like.

I’m going to try to post new tracks on Fridays!

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Your name, and the track title made for some confused expressions. I didn’t know what I was looking at haha, maybe think of another alias? Just an idea. Sounded like an app or website to me.

Good funky music…nice beat
Plz check my music too

Good feedback. My first new topic public post, so I wasn’t sure how it would look. Especially since it didn’t post right away.
I just edited it so it is more clear.

Did you use marble in that?!:joy: Good on you! It seems people can rarely make marble sound good!:wink:

Nope. Scarf, fields, pasta, monk. Not sure right now what marble sounds like, so I’m not sure which you though sounds like it.

I almost always use what randomly comes up when I pick a new instrument and then try to write a part that fits. Kind of a creative constraint that I like.

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Hrrmmm I thought i heard marble. My bad😅