Cheap/free visualizer? For iOS?


What about visual renderings for some of us on YouTube? I’ve been researching for good music visualizers that can be used on mobile devices, but most of my results are like $20/track. And I think that’s not worth it at all, so I decided to come here and ask. Any suggestions? Thanks!




For iOS specifically


STAELLA - Music Visualizer by monocro


That is a good one too!
Effects are so pretty :milky_way:


Thanks guys, wasn’t aware of that thread. I will also try out staella!


personally, i’d be against using a mobile visualizer as they probably wouldn’t render in 1080p, tho i’m not entirely sure. I’d use something more professional like premier, after effects, or final cut (with some plugins that u gotta buy unfortunately).
Allows you to have more customizability and control for how it looks (example the Frontier releases or the upload of the halloween collab on my yt page that i spent wayy too much time on)