Chantzz - Mell O D [Jazz -Synth-Flock]

Gave a few listens - the synth sound in the beginning isn’t doing it for me :frowning: I dunno if it’s the reverb, or the repetition of the melody, it’s just not jiving with me. Your drums that come in around 1:02ish though, I like! And then you get the synth starting to noodle around with the vintage keys, yess more in my wheelhouse. I like the part where straight piano comes in, the only thing I think could help this part out is if you were comping lower octave chords, nothing crazy, just to lay a foundation for the drums and staccato piano playing.

I think I get why you chose that synth sound that plays in the beginning and end, it just isn’t my fave - obviously a completely subjective opinion.

But otherwise I like it!

Thanks for the detailed critique, and for liking the track. It helps me to get better.

The repetitive synth melody was suppose to imitate a Benedictine chant. It’s why I had all the reverb, to simulate an echo. I assume it later dawned on you. I realize it is only somewhat like a chant. The track title and the picture I included was a clue.

Ok cool, I kind of figured it was to represent a chant, that’s cool then and makes sense in the context of the piece :slight_smile: