Change this song #2!

I have yet another song I plan to release, called beyond! I have here the drop to said song, and your job is to change it however you wish! First place gets a repost and a collab!


Never heard the chord progression before! So are we supposed to remix this I assume?

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Here we go again

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Was this inspired by MOD?

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‘My Own Dimension’

AHHHH yeah nah

Good :flushed:


Was REALLY fun

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If there’s any way I’d be allowed to make this a full track I’d be so down. It sounds great and was super fun to make :grin:

That’s fine!

Just know that the title’s been changed from reconstruct to beyond

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May I come in and join?

sure thing!

I’m gonna bump this thread in hopes that we can get more competitors

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This seems interesting… cannot wait to see what they do!

I have a question? Can I put in multiple entries

yeah! only one of 'em will be selected though

Okay, but which one will it select? The one that sounds the best?

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whichever one you pick; i’ll be happy to hear any entry, but you have to pick one to actually enter

whens the due date?

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