[CHALLENGE] 4 Instruments and 2 Drum Pads

So the challenge is pretty easy. Keep it under 2:30 minutes and only use four instruments and two drum pads. Bonus points if you can keep it to one drum kit.


I haven’t been able to complete any of my entries to these contests, but i do have a lot of little tunes that fit the contest rules, hopefully i can post something

I dunnit! Here’s my entry

I like the chords, and the bass comes in great with the echoing drums. I think the level of the saw sound is a little too high but great job glad someone did something for this

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I’ll try this


Komplt sntnc

Cool! I’ll def take that into consideration if i decide to make a full track of it!

I find it hard to stick to a small number of instruments nowadays but most of my tracks dont exceed 7 instrument tracks, including drums :joy: this challenge is perfect for me so yeah…

I’ll try to enter


i probably wont remember

but if i do remember that would be good

screw it ill give it a go lol

does sweeper count as and instrument/drums
because i only have 1 drum section so is it ok just to have sweeper as well as the four instruments?

nvm already finished

(new link)

Sup sweeper for one drum pad sounds like a legit rule

Link is broken

Cool man really dig the track it’s super synthy and dark. Great drum lines and love the use of the rising low passes

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It’s very short

But bonus points for one drum pad


Dang I usually use like 15-20

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It is short and sweet, but quiet enjoyable. I love the automation you used in the first scene on punch. Super cool. Love the thirds you threw into the drums too, gives it a more genuine sound quality to the drums. Great stuff man. Thank you

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Wow thanks so much😄