Carlos Esparza—Sonata in G Minor

Hi All, just joined up today after using Auxy for some time . . . Thought I’d share a track I made and released a while back :slight_smile:



Really enjoyed the IDM vibe on the drums, great work. Wasn’t expecting that

thanks! yeah, it was a bit of a challenge, i’m used to programming that kind of thing in Renoise, but Auxy was up to it :wink:

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What’s idm?

Late 90’s Warp Records, in a nutshell. Awesome tracks, awesome genre.

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That is awesome. Yeah depending on what you’re trying to do Auxy is more than enough - I’ve yet to try Renoise!

Oh ok

It’s definitely a very different way of working, Renoise) but to me it is the most intuitive system around, I even do orchestral film scoring in Renoise. In fact, one of the reasons I like auxy is its similarity in the vertical piano roll.