Capital of Cerulean - Azure Onyxscore [Happy DnB]

The last track of my upcoming album

Great energy. :+1:

Wondering if the 4-4 beat, the driving kick and the tempo combo put it closer to straight up EDM or Trance. The vibe feels more like Trance to me.

The non-4-4 beat underneath isn’t really dictating the vibe. The 4-4 kick is. Plus, at 145bpm, some might say that it’s a slower than you’d associate with that DnB vibe, so might struggle to get traction with typical DnB listeners.

Agreed. Would most likely put it somewhere in the realm of happy hardcore or a house / trance variant.

Solid track by the way @AzureOnyx. Love the unique industrial style you bring to your tracks and the Auxy scene.