Can't get likes anymore, demotivated /:

I’m not getting SC likes anymore and it’s kinda lead to me running out of inspiration and ideas. Back in May I got 600+ plays on my tracks without an Auxy repost. Now it’s 10-20 plays with 4 or 5 likes. And I know that its all about how good the music is. And sometimes you have to ask yourself if that 10 plays is worth the 4+ hours spent on Auxy daily. Haywire came out of nowhere. And when I say that I mean nobody knew who was until about 2 weeks ago and he’s already making hundreds of plays, how? Besides my friends Phoenix & NYC have been noticed and they’ve been around as long as me. I’m also trying to spread to places outside of Auxy, like promotion channels and such. Hours spent finding a relevant and active promo channel, submitting the track, just for it not even be touched. Or it gets rejected. I hope to one day get my track reposted on Auxy and start getting listeners again. Nowadays all I want is someone new to discover my tracks. This isn’t some corny self-promo, all I want is advice from someone. Please?!

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If you make music just to receive likes you’re in it for the wrong reasons.


Thats the music industry for you

If you’re getting an artists block, have someone criticize your work and do better or something, You can also make music for fun or pretend that you have alot of plays, which i do all the time.