((Cancelled Project…))

Ok so I’m a small producer and I need some people for a collab. No high standards or anything. Just message me if you’re interested. Posting it with my album. You can post it if you want but it doesn’t really matter. Thanks

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I’m down

Love the name lol. We need a third person then I’ll start on it


ME! IM IN! Also go check discord my guy!

I’ll have to get on my pc but it’s running super slow rn so if I get it running I will

Could do

If assasinerd is in then I don’t any more people. We could totally do a collab just me and U if you’re interested

Yeah either is fine

Your turn @74centSalsa

Aight I’ll take a look

Nah switch to this, this is better https://app.auxy.co/projects/p0j9XGWGI_RVGDc8Qnp_MQ==

I worked on the first one and came up with this before I saw the new one so I can try and merge them. The strings aren’t really what I was going for but I think a weird string section would fit well

Oh that’s okay. I fixed it and also the strings aren’t bad

@WiseTheodore your turn

We need a name. Your song names are cool. Help us out man


Wait I’m actually really busy and I’m not sure if I will have time to do it

I can’t sorry :confused: I have some one collabs going on and am getting a lot of homework

It’s fine man