Cancel swing on kick drum

Anybody have any idea how to do this?

Could you post a project or example where this happens? It might help. Swing is a global setting, so unless you’re using offset it shouldn’t do that

Ahhh, sorry, I meant like the project file itself. You can share it or the part where this happens by going into Auxy and hitting Export -> Share project, then copy the link back here. Listening to the track without seeing what’s happening would be pretty tough to troubleshoot!

If you are saying that you want to have swing on the song, but not the kick, then unfortunately I don’t think it’s possible right now.

It is possible through using a sample from a different song without the swing setting. I did this for my song Electricity so I could make the snare riser into the drop. It’s a pain, yes, but possible. You’d need to do samples at a bar size, or even a scene if the drum loop is more complex.

If you do not have premium, then use a free program such as Garageband to combine a track with just the unswung kick and the other instruments together to achieve the same effect.

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Top idea. :+1:

Render out the drums without the swing, then re-import it as a sample.

I like it. :+1:


I think you might be able to sythesize the swing by using a mix of quarters and triplets.

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