Can you make classical music in Auxy?

We have pianos in Auxy. We don’t really have any more than that, apart from ”bow” which is close enough to a violin. Anyways, I’d like to hear what you guys can make. Here’s my answer!

Whats yours?

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bow (viola), piano (ap-001), and silk (choir)

also tiny (triangle)
oregon drums

or globe would work for drums too

I disagree with bow. Use Silk as strings instead

I think it’s a great attempt, but it still sounds, to my ear, a little too much like good, ready-rolled midi.

The unyielding quantisation is a large part of that.
Wondering if adding just a hint of Swing might help soften that. No more than 2. :wink:

I think you might also be able to counter some of that by duplicating the piano instruments, splitting it into (at least) high and low parts – and using soft notes and volume automation independently to each part to add some natural ebb and flow through volume (in until we get velocity) :wink:
(It especially noticeable when you have the same notes in a run, next to each other, and they all have the exact same volume. That’s when you’re abruptly reminded that it’s midi-controlled.)

The strings, again, are a great attempt. They sound a little like Mellotron when they first come in, which is not necessarily a bad thing (I love Mellotron), but not really an orchestra vibe. I’d knock them back a little and possibly give them a little (more) Reverb, to see if that smooths it out a little.

Oh, and btw, the composition itself is fantastic! :wink:


Thank you for the feedback! I’m still quite inexperienced, so this helps a lot


My very first Auxy track on Soundcloud…


You’ve done a great job, regardless of your inexperience.

You’ve created a really good, highly complex production, so I’d say your ability is better than your experience would suggest. :slight_smile:

Just to be clear, what I suggested in my previous post means taking your original, highly complex production and adding multiple layers of complexity to it. That’s a lot of work.
What you’ve done is already remarkable — and unusual — within the Auxy community, and I personally would love to see more thinking like that amongst its users here and elsewhere*.
However, to be frank, doing non-EDM styles in Auxy — in its current form — is an uphill battle, and one I’m not entirely sure is worth fighting.

If it was me and I’d written that piece of music and wanted to ‘finish’ it and make it all that it can be, I’d likely (export the midi and) switch over to a production environment with fewer limitations. You’d be able to add the subtlety and human-touch that the piece deserves.
In short, no matter how much time you spend ‘finishing it’ in Auxy, it’s going to limit how good the final thing sounds. And that’s especially true for non-EDM genres.

…unless, for you, the primary value of that piece is as an exercise in how close Auxy can get to something reasonable in the Classical genre?

* It kinda hints at my growing impression that Auxy is becoming the major thing here, not the music. There certainly seems to be deeper discussion about the tool than what we’re doing with it. I personally think that’s a shame.


Really made me think… I made the music first, as a ”normal” auxy song. So in real life, I play the piano. Right now I’m practicing Chopin’s Fantaisie Impromptu. I got inspired by one part where he changes the key and does a beautiful rise up the notes and goes back down. I built some small melodies on top of that, using basses and leads like muffin etc. I thought of making an ”acoustic” version since I liked it so much. I built everything on top of that inspiration from Chopin (even though I understand that the piece doesn’t sound at all like chopin), and at the end, the original one never got uploaded but the piano version did.

The only softwares for producing music that I have used are Garageband and Auxy. I’m planning on getting FL Studio or something else when I’m a bit older.
*** My intention wasn’t experimenting with Auxy, but creating a track simply by using a piano and making it something you can listen to. After I uploaded it, I became curious about what other people in this community could do / have done.

Replying to your last statement, I 100% agree with you. In the whole industry, the music should come first. Not our ”tools”. Whatever it is. We all do this in our own, unique way.
Some of us might be experienced producers with wide knowledge of everything, even very complex things, about music production. Others might just be some teen who found some app while browsing the app store.

At the end of the day, I’m just thankful for the existance of music overall, as well as software such as Auxy that fits it all in to our pockets.

(English isn’t my first language and I’m also most likely younger than you, so apologies for the possible mistakes :))


:+1: :+1:

I may not see Auxy as the last stop on the route my music takes from first idea to completed track, but I recognise it as being pivotal to the relatively recent reinvigoration of my interest in making music. Its ability help get musical ideas down quickly and easily – and get them sounding something like I’d want them to sound – has been absolutely game-changing for me. :slight_smile:

No matter how far I take my music, I really think that Auxy will still have a role to play in idea generation, exploration and early development.


I think almost all members here could say that – and be correct. :wink:

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Like what Savant does! He mostly uses harpsichords and stuff. Also he has a Versailles type of thing going on. But he does make some cool dubstep.

Well, you can check out my btc 17… that imitates baroque. But modern. :smile: