Can this style of bass be made in Auxy?

Can this style of bass be made in Auxy? If so what synths would you recommend to produce it?

The bass “puma” With the lowpass down can make a growly bass somewhat like this. Also “bee” Can make some pretty cool sounds If you mess around with it allot (If you get stung, don’t blame me)

Other than that I have no clue what could make that type of bass.


It’s a shame you can’t add distortion to your bass in Auxy. Make it really crunchy and have a deeper growl.



Actually @Auxy this is a great suggestion! A distortion automation would help open up so many new possibilities! Being able to distort basses and synths would certainly help out those who love to make chiptune/chiptrap!


On the last version of Auxy, the drum kit dust had the special automation Dist, which allowed you to distort the sounds. If this could be added into more drums/basses/synths…this would be AMAZINGGG!


Some synths “tone” is used to distort. But yeah, would be cool I guess. Not an automation tho. As an actually effect would be better. And then obviously itd come with an automation slot


Bruh I loved using that kick for hard drops


Agreed, I love it too!
I still copy it over and use it in my projects to day :wink:

Maybe even Dubstep/Brostep :face_with_monocle:

It was originally called “Tone” for the drum kits, only with 5 was it relabeled as Dist. As for why it was removed, who knows. Maybe they didn’t want to worry about things not playing nice with it.

As for the leads/basses, many of them have distortion built in or include them on their sliders. It’s 100% inconsistent though, and some instruments have different types of distortion. It would be hard to implement something that would work for everything since some require it at a certain setting to function as they are currently.

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Noisia do have some crazy sounds. I often use a lot of reese styled basses. Things like cube and beam

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