Can someone tell me more about bandcamp?

I’ve been wondering if I should signup for bandcamp but I’m not entirely sure how it works. I know that a lot of auxy users have it could someone tell me a little more about it?


BandCamp is sort of like SoundCloud. People can pay to listen to your music. It’s really cool. I don’t use it but yes. A lot of Auxy users use it.


It’s great. You have I believe unlimited upload time, you name prices for your music, you can manage communication with fans, you can sell merchandise, you can generate promo codes.

I prefer it to SoundCloud. Always trying to funnel people to BandCamp, always. It’s the link I share with non-musicians.


@blakkaz could probably help


I’ll make one. Heck, probably drop my album there, along with other stuff not on SoundCloud.

Well I’ve only been there once in middle school while I played trumpet. It was a 3 day thing with a bunch of schools where we just practiced nonstop and did a big performance in front of all our families. Really fun. Would do it again (but I don’t play a real instrument anymore)


Not that Bandcamp xd


I’m a big fan of Bandcamp.

It has largely replaced Soundcloud for me.
I find it a more coherent way to keep track of new releases.

It’s worth having a read through the artists and labels pages on their site.

Also, they’ve just announced Bandcamp Vinyl.



SO stoked about that vinyl announcement

Bandcamp, as a whole and in my experience, has proved to be much better than SoundCloud as far as quality and marketability of your product. Like @iammane said, you can manage communication with your listeners, you have unlimited upload time, as well as the ability to upload/download in a ton of different formats without the worry of compression destroying the integrity of your track (a problem I constantly run into with SoundCloud, but I’m sure there are ways to avoid it that I haven’t utilized). You can also have a ‘Name Your Price’ Value for people who want to download your music, which allows them to give you any amount of money as a kind of donation for your music, or to download it for free, which in and of itself is marketing the product. I feel like SoundCloud only trumps Bandcamp in terms of exposure, and by a wide margin. However, I feel like with Bandcamp making the move to press vinyl for their content creators, we will see it come to a much more mainstream level, which is S I C K.

TL;DR I’m a huge Bandcamp fan and have been a user/creator on it for years now and highly recommend it. SoundCloud is also great as a means of exposure, but Bandcamp gives you far more options to manage the distribution of your music.


I’m sold for Bandcamp

Little advice: it’s worth paying for a pro account. That lets you limit listeners to three full streams of anything you release; after that point, they have to purchase if they want to keep listening. It’s fair that they give people a chance to review everything, and also that at some point they have to decide to support the artist.

BC is The best from a musician standpoint. You can upload your music directly, and interact with your fans directly, BC only takes a 10% fee. You can also sell merchandise. And bc has a separate app for Artists which really makes it easy to track sales, etc.

Downside is that it’s not as good for discovery, that is it’s harder to find music randomly; soundcloud or YouTube make smarter suggestions, so make sure to promote on other sites as well. Direct people to band camp for purchase.

Another problem is recently the number of people ripping streams from Bandcamp seems to have increased a lot. Not much you can do about that, people do the same with YouTube. But bankcamp used to be more of the honest people, the fans who are willing to support you. Not so sure about now.


Thank you all so much!

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