Can someone please tell me what genre my music is

I won’t post SC link for more views, so here’s the project. I feel like I’m missing out because nobody can see the category of my music please help

Sounds pretty unique to me. Could be hardstyle if it had a “bong bong” kick in there

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In this case, I don’t think you’d need to be concerned about that. It would be more convenient for us if you provided an SC link.

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Here then

Sorry, I don’t know what genre it would be, but it’s nice to hear something different. I like it.

Thanks I guess, dunno if different could be good or bad in the long run

Depends on whether you want to create music in a specific genre or not.

I don’t think you have enough elements of any particular genre for it to class in that particular genre. Depending on how I listen tho this I can hear the potential for it to become any of a whole bunch of genres. Or you could leave it as it is and not pigeonhole your work. Personally I just slap “Electronic” on anything I make that doesn’t conform to a genre. I’m not keen on bending my work into a particular genre unless I really have to (e.g. for a competition).


I’m not the greatest with genres, but, maybe Ambient House?

This particular topic was covered quite extensively in this thread: How do you figure out your song's genre?

Some good thoughts in there.

Hard Trance?
Hard Ambient Trance? :+1:

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It had some house elements, like some loud rides and hard melody changes.

I usually make songs based on emotion so I guess I can understand if it’s confusing

Quarantined reminds me of Trance as well. Ambient Trance sounds good to me as well.

whatever it is, its pretty n e a t o

This song sounds like techno ish house?


Oh yeah trance I guess