Can someone explain the High Gain/Shelf/Low Gain/Shelf?

I’m talking about when you click on Volume. That EQ/Gain stuff.

I still don’t think I fully grasp it.

I get that you’re setting the “gain“ to a certain frequency and the shelf slider will boost or decrease that frequency. But is that all?

When I turn the sliders (especially on the lows) all the way up and down, it changes the sound in ways that I wouldn’t expect. So, I guess there’s just other stuff going on I still don’t quite understand.

(Does anyone actually even mess with this stuff anyway?)

Believe it or not, I have a good bit of experience with more traditional EQs. I REALLY wish Auxy would give us some a more standard EQ - preferably something like Fab Filter would amazing! I guess because I’m just more of a visual person.


It’s a basic 3-band EQ. Well, technically two, but it can work like a 3-band one if done smartly. It functions similarly to higher band EQ’s, but without the way to change the type of band. It’s only a shelf. And no ability to set the steepness of the curve either.

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A shelf filter will boost/cut all frequencies above/below the cutoff frequency.
But yes, that’s all.

You are changing the harmonic content of the sound by using a filter, so it could just be that other downstream processors are reacting differently to the signal.


The EQ is technically the last in the chain, so that’s likely an artifact or biproduct of the intense compresser and limiter on the master bus.

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From the screenshots that have been shared, it looks like processors can be freely moved in the signal chain.

Screen Shot 2020-07-19 at 10.03.18 am

It can be. But it’s almost certainly being processed last in most instruments. At least from what I can tell.